Detailed procedure of applying HemaGel to anal fissures associated with haemorrhoids:

  1. Apply a small amount of HemaGel directly to the fissure several times a day, always after washing the area with a jet of cold water.
  2. Hemagel is only part of a complex treatment.
  3. Several other recommendations should be adhered to. Mainly, ensure regular, soft stools. In practice this means a sufficient intake of fluids, a varied diet preferably with a predominance of fruits and vegetables. Restriction of spices, salt and chocolate consumption.
  4. Further measures are recommended in certain cases such as for example the use of suppositories to decrease the inflammatory reaction around the defect.

Applying HemaGel

As HemaGel may be used to treat a wide range of wounds that vary in their extent, severity and causes, the correct application of HemaGel or frequency of dressing changes may differ.

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NEW HemaGel Procto

HemaGel PROCTO suppositories are used as a supportive treatment of haemorrhoids and other rectal diseases such as painful skin cracks (anal fissures) and tears in the anal skin and mucosa (anal rhagades).

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The results of clinical tests and studies have confirmed that HemaGel is a highly effective hydrophilic gel patch suitable for a wide range of skin wounds.

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How HemaGel works

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